The Theology Kettle

This year in our weekly discussions we will embark upon a journey through the Bible, “The Bible Timeline:  The Story of  Salvation”.  Our trek will allow us to become more familiar with the “big picture” needed in order to put the entire story into context.  Our study of the history of the salvation story will be covered from the beginning in Genesis through the coming of Christ and the establishment of the Catholic Church.  The Theology Kettle will be held Sundays, 12:30-1:30 pm beginning September 10, in the Parish Social Hall.  You are welcome to attend at any time regardless of when classes formally start.

Please contact Deacon Bill Swanson, at or Rita Beebe at the Parish Office, 360-385-3700 with any questions you may have regarding this program

Theology Kettle Flyer 2017-2018

The BIBLE TIME LINE Reading Schedule/Syllabus