Adult Faith Formation

The Bishops of the United States of America have designated Adult Faith Formation as a priority for the entire Church. Catholic truth is an eternal font of beauty and love where faithful Catholics never stop growing.  At Saint Mary Star of the Sea, we are committed to exploring this beauty and love as we journey together as disciples of the Lord.

Catholic faithful are called to encounter Jesus Christ in the sacraments and share His love with others.  It is this call that encourages us to participate in a life of prayer and service, inspired by the teachings and truths of Holy Mother Church. You are encouraged to take advantage of the two following opportunities to enhance this spiritual growth.


Religious Education

General Faith Formation

 It is our goal to provide a program of religious instruction for parishioners from preschool age through adults. The catechetical year typically runs from September through May with schedules and registration available in August of each year.

Faith Formation is a life-long journey of conversion - an arduous task, which involves the education of the mind and conversion of the heart for "all" ages. Our individual on-going education is important if we are to grow in our lives as stewards so that we may answer our call to serve and build the Body of Christ (our Church).

For more information or if you are willing to share your faith with children, teens or adults -- if you believe the Lord may be calling you to the very special ministry of catechesis please contact:

Deacon “Bill” Carl W. Swanson
Pastoral Asst. for Faith Formation
St. Mary Star of the Sea
Office Phone: (360) 385-3700
Register your children for the 2017-2018 year!


This year in our weekly discussions we will embark upon a journey through the Bible, “The Bible Timeline:  The Story of  Salvation”.  Our trek will allow us to become more familiar with the “big picture” needed in order to put the entire story into context.  Our study of the history of the salvation story will be covered from the beginning in Genesis through the coming of Christ and the establishment of the Catholic Church.  The Theology Kettle will be held Sundays, 12:30-1:30 pm beginning September 10, in the Parish Social Hall.  You are welcome to attend at any time regardless of when classes formally start.

Please contact Deacon Bill Swanson, at or Rita Beebe at the Parish Office, 360-385-3700 with any questions you may have regarding this program.

The BIBLE TIME LINE Reading Schedule


Are you someone, or do you know someone who...
…¨ Has ever expressed an interest in knowing more about the Catholic Church?
…¨ Have you previously expressed an interest in becoming a Catholic?                                   
...¨ Were you or anyone you know baptized Catholic as a child, but have not celebrated the Sacraments of …Confirmation and Eucharist?

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is the process developed by the Catholic Church for prospective converts to Catholicism who are above the age of infant baptism. We invite you to begin your journey by sharing your faith story in a warm, accepting setting as you explore the teachings of the Catholic Church.  Sessions will begin on August 30, beginning at 6:30 pm.  You are welcome to inquire and/or join in the RCIA process at any time.

For additional information, please contact Deacon Bill Swanson, at (360)-385-3700 or at

Children and Youth Faith Formation


The catechists in our Parish Religious Education Program are dedicated to passing on the truths of our tradition with an enthusiasm for the experienced practice of faith. They are more than willing to cooperate with parents. Formal classroom instruction is provided September through May. The parish follows the Archdiocesan Guidelines using the Harcourt Religion Text, "Call to Faith," which is supplemented with appropriate handouts, supplementary material and activities following the liturgical season.

Prayer List

The parish follows the structure outlined by the Archdiocese of Seattle, which requires students to be able to recite the following prayers by completion of the grades indicated. Students will use these prayers in their classrooms. Parents and students are encouraged to pray these prayers on a regular basis. Students seeking sacraments must know the prayers indicated prior to completing their sacramental preparation. See your catechist for a copy of the prayers.

Sign of the Cross
Grace Before Meals
Grace After Meals
Prayer to One's Guardian Angel

First Grade
Our Father
Hail Mary
Glory Be
Prayers at Stations of the Cross

Second Grade
Morning Offering
An Act of Spiritual Communion
Act of Contrition
Act of Contrition (Alternate Version)

Third Grade
Jesus Prayer
The Apostles' Creed

Fourth Grade
The Nicene Creed
Prayer for Peace

Fifth Grade
Joyful Mysteries
Prayer for Souls of the Faithfully Departed
Queen of Heaven (Regina Caeli)

Sixth Grade
Luminous Mysteries
Vocation Prayer
Anima Christi

Seventh Grade
Sorrowful Mysteries
Hail, Holy Queen
The Angelus
Prayer to the Holy Spirit

Eighth Grade
Glorious Mysteries
Divine Praises
Act of Faith
Act of Hope
Act of Love